All our images from many events over the years.

Why choose The Fire Engine Bar for your event?

Speedy Service

Although we seem a fairly small bar we can serve very quickly and reduce big cues within minutes, our setup has been designed to allow 10 serving points at anyone time. We can even add more taps if required.

Experienced & Friendly Staff

All our staff are polite and friendly and always willing to go the extra mile for our clients and customers, they are all experienced bar staff and we always have a licence holder and first aider as part of our team.

Fair Pricing

If your a customer or event organiser you can be sure to count on us for fair pricing and rental offers. We understand from both sides of the bar what is expected and we will always meet those expectations.


Each year we support a chartiy by organising an event with all proceeds raised donated to our nominated charity, last year we hosted a cinema event with our Double Decker food bus and Fire Engine bar, which raised £5,000.